Mandates - The verse of success

Our design policy and creative methods in the creation process has long been established, deciplined and governed by strict methodological rules since 1996 and deployed by our sister firm "web and media" to maintain the highest standards in identity and design process.

In most projects we totally conform and abide to a sharp itinerary, and try our best not to deviate from the predefined brief, scope and path. (Although some projects oblige us to go crazy).

In creating logos we emphasize that the outcome conforms to::

• Simple & easy to recognize
• Least colors possible.
• Indicative and comprehensible.
• Unique and appealing.
• Recognizable in Black & White
• Maintains uniformity if resized
• Applicable on any medium (signboard, t-Shirt, mug, audio, video, etc...)
• Multi-purpose usage ( web, wap, print, projection, embossing, etc..)

The 14x compliance rules are from www.webandmedia.com
("web and media" is our sister firm in Beirut - Lebanon)


We re-state the 14x compliance rules of "web and media" .

The terms utilized in designing and developing logos, the logo compliance rules strictly supports the following processes of:

01. Greyscale Desaturaion
02. Faxing Simulation
03. Low-Res printing
04. Wap / Mobile Applications
05. Icon resizing(16/32/64)
06. Resizing ±
07. Embossing
08. Engraving
09. Application embedding
10. Light background overlay
11. 3D Object conversion
12. Animation compatibility
13. Outline Possibility
14. Web usage

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